(P-786) MK-Mesa 1m
Backdraft/Downdraft Table.
Powder coated.
Prepared for Extraction Arm

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Plymoth MK-Mesa. 1m

Plymoth MK-Mesa is a modern Workbench with Backdraft/Downdraft and built in regulating Damper. 1m  width. Prepared for Extraction Arm.

Dust, Fume and Gases.
Plymoth MK-Mesa is a backdraft/downdraft workbench suitable for all works where dust, fume and gases are a problem. The contaminated air is extracted backwards/downwards from the working area so nobody runs the risk of inhaling it.

Smooth Downdraft Table Top
MK-Mesa has a table top made of 75mm u-formed iron bars with 15mm extraction slots in between. It gives a smooth working surface combined with downdraft.

Funnel-shaped Extraction Openings and regulating Damper
The extraction to the back is through a backdraft box with vertical funnel-shaped openings. The built-in regulating damper makes it possible to adjust the width of the vertical openings from full open to closed. You can divide the total air volume as you want between backdraft and downdraft. You adjust the regulating damper from the front of the backdraft box.

Extraction Arm.
The extraction can be concentrated to a smaller area of the workbench with a Flexi FLB 1.5m extraction arm. The arm is mounted on top of the backdraft box on a prepared place. The amount of air through the arm can be adjusted with the regulating damper. If you need to reach outside the workbench a Flexi FLB 2m or 3m arm can be fitted. The side panels can be opened for long objects.

Strongly designed.
Plymoth MK-Mesa is strongly designed of 2mm and 3mm steel-sheet. It is as standard powder painted in white. The table height can be adjusted step by step from 800-950mm. Suitable air volume for 1m table is 1500-2000m3/h and for 1.4m 2000-3000m3/h. MK-Mesa shall be connected with an external fan and extraction system. Connection diameter is outside 199mm for 1m and 2x199mm for 1.4m.

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