(P-753) MF-Eco Jet-Pulse Mobile Filter with compressed air cleaning and 3m/Ø160mm Arm.

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MF-Eco Jet-Pulse 3m/Ø160mm, 1-Phase/220V/50Hz.

Welding Fume and Dust
MF-Eco Jet Pulse is a mobile extractor with cartridge filter, built in Jet Pulse Cleaning system and with aluminium impeller. No expensive replacement filters needed! Over 1.000m³/h through the hood. The economical solution for welding fumes and light dust.

Jet Pulse Cleaning
The cartridge filter has more than 99.9% efficiency. When the filter is full, you connect it to compressed air with the included hose. You clean it in a minute with the built in Jet Pulse system. Then open the door and empty the dustbin. Ready to use again!

Flexible and economical
MF-Eco Jet Pulse is robust, yet the easily manoeuvrable wheels and the handles make for effortless transportation. Add to this the super-flexible Flexi Extractor Arm, and you have a supremely versatile and flexible filtration unit. It can easily be moved between different workstations.

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