(P-611) Porta-Flex 400 HEPA H13/W3. Portable welding fume filter.
1-Phase/ 220V/50Hz.

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Porta-Flex 400

Porta–Flex is portable and flexible
The Porta-Flex is a user friendly, portable welding fume extractor with built in HEPA H13/W3 filter. It has 2.5m flexible hose with magnet nozzle. Suitable for welding in confined spaces or difficult to reach locations. Perfect for service and repair work.

Efficient filtration HEPA H13/W3
The HEPA H13/W3 filter cartridge has long life and efficient filtration (more than 99.95% = W3).

Uniquely easy to bring with You
Porta-Flex has a weight of just 15kg. It is extremely easy to carry with you as you roll the hose around the handle and fix the magnet nozzle to the outside of the filterbox. No “Annaconda” hose which try to strangle you when you carry the Porta-Flex. The Porta-Flex will be used!

Three models
Portaflex 200 (160m3/h), Portaflex 400 (250m3/h) and Portaflex 200Auto (160m3/h) with automatic start/stop during welding.

40 Years Experience
40 years experience of design and manufacturing at your service.
All parts are laser cut for maximum precision.
The Plymoth products are a combination of well-proven technique and progressive new ideas.

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