Ø110mm/3m (0.5+3m)
All Stainless Steel.
ATEX: Ex II 2D/G">

(P-341) ATEX Super-M
Extractor Arm "67° Hood"
Ø110mm/3m (0.5+3m)
All Stainless Steel.

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"ATEX" Extraction Arm for explosive gas in Zone 1 and 2 as well as Dust in Zone 21 and 22 

ATEX conformal execution for Ex-Aera 1/21 and 2/22


PVC-hose, electrically conductive 104 Ohm

Toughest Working Environments
ATEX Super-M is made for the toughest working environments in the Pharmaceutical, Food and Technical chemical industry.
Every detail is made of acid proof mirror polished stainless steel. Wall bracket, parallellogram arms, handle, hood, damper, bolts, nuts and washers.

Smoke, Dust and Gases. An extractor Arm extracts smoke, dust and gases directly at source, before contamination has spread in the premises and been inhaled. You will get better working environment, less wear and tear of the machines and lower cleaning costs.

Chemical-, Food- and Pharmaceutical Industry.
Super-M is made for using when controlling, measuring, weighing, filling, blending, mixing, emptying, packaging, etc.

The Hood is the secret behind the efficiency
The Ø110mm hoods are developed in cooperation with one of the biggest companies in the chemical industry. The straight hood is for dust. The 67° hood is for smoke and the 150° hood is for gases. The 150° hood develops a "tornado" effect which enhances its capacity to extract gases.

The Ø160mm Hose and Hood Model
is intended for applications where 800-1200 m3/h through the extractor is needed.

Perfectly balanced External hydraulically suspended parallelogram arms make the hood incredibly easy to move and 100 % stable in all positions.

40 Years Experience
40 years experience of design and manufacturing at your service.
All parts are laser cut for maximum precision.
The Plymoth products are a combination of well-proven technique and progressive new ideas.

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